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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has several Geosynchronous Orbiting Environmental Satellites (GOES) in orbit watching the Earth's weather and environment. On November 21, 1999, at 14:45Z hours our satellites caught an amazing photo of a UFO at an estimated hundred miles above the Earth off the coast of the state of Washington. Russel Kirchner phoned to inform me that he had obtained the satellite photos and was sending them for all to see.

The University of Colorado also keeps these photos on file for reference. One of the satellites is designed to pick up water vapor or clouds from space. When Russel caught sight of the UFO in the display he zoomed in and could see the steam coming off a UFO. It was the type we identify as a large Mother Ship. We discussed the possibility of the object image being caused by a computer error. Similar photos taken on June 8, 1995, over South America have also been widely distributed. Philip Imbrogno studied this case and NOAA explained the image was a "moon shadow UFO."

This excuse will not hold in the latest photos. This UFO was present for only a few minutes and is not seen in images taken prior or afterwards. The UFO has structure, windows, and radiates heat in the infrared spectrum. Thanks to Russel Kirchner.



This photograph, taken in 1952, shows a dozen unidentified objects flying almost directly over the Whitehouse in Washington, D.C. - restricted air space into which even military jets are not permitted to fly. Radar operators tracked 12 unknown objects. The incident was described in the newspapers


objectcloseup19.jpg (33591 bytes)


This enhanced UFO picture was taken during the "Battle of Los Angeles" in the mid 1940s. Believe it or not, during World War II, military search lights in Los Angeles caught the UFO in their beams of light while the military fired on it. This story was described in the Los Angeles Times and was witnessed by thousands of people. I feel it is one the most irrefutable pieces of evidence for the existence of UFOs.


This is a picture of a UFO taken in Gulf Breese, Florida

February 7, 1998

It was reported on the local Fox News TV station
The photo is a single frame from a video tape



This is an old-time photo taken in China
Thee is no reason to suspect it was faked