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Books And Tapes



"The Day After Roswell"           by Col. Philip Corso
"Alien Agenda"                        
   by Jim Marrs    
"The Gulf Breeze Sightings"     by Ed and Frances Walters  

I've read a fair amount of books that deal with UFOs and the extraterrestrial phenomenon. Once one begins to research this area you will find it fascinating, strange and full of misinformation. If I had to recommend a very solid starting point to gain knowledge of this subject, these three books would be my starting point. They are very well done and, in my opinion, very credible. 

"Beyond Prophesies and Predictions" by Moira Timms  

A lot of people on this planet "feel" that something big is happening at this time. Many foresaw this. Sources such as Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, the Hopi Indians, the Mayans, the Babylonians, the Bible, the Pyramids, etc. have made predictions about the period leading up to the year 2012. Timms' book summarizes all of this information and the author does an outstanding job in exploring how it all fits together. Very informative.

"Kryon: The End Times" Channeled teachings given in Love     

Kryon is another wonderful spirit who has sent us very useful channeled information for the times we live in and will be going through. He provides us with a positive view of the future to look forward to assuming we make the highest choices for our human destiny. This book is a must read if you are looking for inner peace in your life. Believe it or not, Kryon has spoken several times, through Lee Carroll, to a United Nations sub-committee (Society for Enlightenment and Transformation). There are a number of other Kryon books in this series.

"Genesis Revisited" by Zechariah Sitchin

Have you ever wondered whether extraterrestrials have visited planet Earth before and influenced the course of evolution of our ancestors? Perhaps through genetic manipulation? Is there a 12th planet in our solar system (counting the sun and moon)? How did the Sumerians know of these things 6000 years ago? Why are the Christian, Jewish, Babylonian and Assyrian accounts of Genesis virtually identical to that of the ancient Sumerians? This is the book that really made me wonder about all the fairy tales I've been told.

Who is Zechariah Sitchin? Born in Russia and raised in Palestine, he eventually became an expert interpreter and translator of ancient Hebrew and other Semitic languages. In addition, he is also considered a world-class scholar of the Old Testament and the history and archeology of the Near East. He is one of few scholars today who can read and understand the Sumerian cuneiform clay tablets and other texts of these ancient peoples. Collectively, they are considered some of the oldest written records we have of mankind's distant past. He is also a graduate of the University of London and is a member of many scholarly organizations.

Sitchin's findings have been well received among the general public who have read and studied them. His books have been translated into 13 different languages, converted to Braille for the blind, featured on radio and TV and have sold millions of copies throughout the world. To my knowledge, the coherent arguments and logical conclusions found in his books have yet to be challenged or refuted by the mainstream scientific establishment. They've simply ignored them.

But that is changing. The evidence that Sitchin presents is just too strong and too convincing to ignore anymore. Dozens of books and articles building on his original thoughts have recently been published. Over the past 32 years many of his statements, which are probably considered "way out" by traditional, mainstream thinkers, have been confirmed and validated on a number of occasions.

Are you ready for some mental adventure that will challenge some of the false beliefs you've been asked to believe in blind faith?

"Beyond the Horizon" by Walter Mercado

A marvelous read and such an interesting way to educate us about the various astronomical ages, the current shift from the age of Pisces to that of Aquarius and the implications of it all, especially the exploration of our inner selves. Within this book, is a very clear and powerful message for the new Millennium that is loving, compassionate and very uplifting. The author does a great job  explaining how mankind is at a very critical turning point in our cosmic destiny. The choices we are making now will soon have a major impact on the direction of our civilization.

"The Door of Everything" by Ruby Nelson

Such a small, mysterious book. We know nothing about the author and yet the information that came through her from God touches a very deep part of the soul with universal wisdom and knowledge that is hard to find these days. It has such a beautiful ring of truth to it. This wonderful book also does an excellent job in expanding the mind and awakening the real "you" that wants to be set free.

"Fingerprints of the Gods"       by Graham Hancock
"The Message of the Sphinx" by Graham Hancock/Robert

There is a lot of evidence emerging today that highly advanced civilizations existed on this planet thousands of years ago. If such is the case, the history of the human race will have to be rewritten and man-made religions will have a lot of explaining to do. There is also evidence that our planet has gone through periodic cataclysms; the last one being the great flood about 13,000 years ago. The Pyramids and the Sphinx appear to be timeless messages from the past warning us that another cataclysm may be imminent if we don't balance the spiritual with the material and time is running out quickly. Both books are very well researched.

"E. T. 101"  by Zoev Jho 

This book can be ordered from (you'll may have difficulty finding it elsewhere). However, it is truly worth reading, especially if you feel like your world has turned upside down and you are seriously wondering what your true cosmic origin might be. The wisdom and wit contained in this book is remarkable. Channeled to the author during the late 1980's, it will awaken you from your evolutionary slumber and remind you of what you already know but have forgotten. You may very well be one of many cosmic starseeds who have volunteered to help planet Earth and humanity go through their imminent transformation. This book will help you to remember that.

This list of references is by no means an all-inclusive one. There are many, many other individuals who have given us useful insights for the dramatically changing world we live in today. Edgar Cayce, Marianne Williamson, Osho, Michael Talbot, Betty Jane Eadie, Dannion Brinkley, Gary Zuckav, Carlos Castenada, James Redfield, Caroline Myss, Deepak Chopra and others have contributed in their own unique way. There’s so much of it these days, and, for good reason. We are at a very crucial point in the material and spiritual journey of our earthly family. Clearly, pursuit of the material has become a global phenomenon that has gotten out of control. We need to balance the spiritual and the material a lot more. Time appears to be running short.

I truly hope this reference section proves helpful to you.



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