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-The Man-
-The Origins Of Man-




-The Man-

This gifted individual, known as the "sleeping prophet," was a truly remarkable man with highly accurate psychic powers. Born in 1877, he grew up in the farm country of Kentucky. As a young child, he often told his parents that he was able to see and talk to "visions," including those of relatives who had died. While sitting alone in the woods one day, a woman appeared before him. She asked what he would like to do with his life. He answered "most of all I would like to be helpful to others, especially to children when they are sick." Suddenly, the woman disappeared just as mysteriously as she first came into view. Little did he know how that wish, made from the heart at such a young age, would someday come true for him.

Edgar Cayce's formal education ended with the seventh grade. While working as a salesman at the age of twenty-one, he developed a paralysis of the throat muscles and experienced difficulty speaking for quite some time. All known medical remedies failed to cure the problem. Finally, in an act of desperation, hypnosis was tried. While in a deep trance, Cayce surprised everyone present by not only diagnosing his own problem but by recommending a cure that eventually restored his ability to speak normally again. Later, he found he could induce this trance on his own, during which he was able to tap into the "Universal Consciousness," (Akashic Records) or source of Higher knowledge.

Local doctors heard of Cayce's abilities and asked if he would help them diagnose their patients. Understandably, he was very reluctant to do so but, encouraged by his wife, he eventually gave in. That was the start of his life mission. The doctors soon discovered that all he needed to conduct his diagnostic "readings" was the name and address of the patient involved. Somehow, he was able to "tune" into their minds and bodies regardless of where they lived. His results were so successful that in 1910 the New York Times published several pages of headlines and pictures describing his accomplishments. 

By the end of 1945, this marvelous man, who devoted so much of his life to the service of humanity, had given well over 14,000 readings for more that 6,000 people, all of which were religiously hand recorded. Approximately 9,000 of the readings were for medical purposes. Several more thousand dealt with people's lives (life readings), while the remainder covered various topics related to metaphysical, spiritual and other matters. He never solicited a fee for these readings. What was truly unique about his clinical diagnoses and cures was that the medical terms he often used required an extensive medical background, for which he had none.

In 1954, the University of Chicago held him in such respect that a Ph.D. thesis, based upon his life and contributions to humanity, was evaluated and approved by the reviewing faculty. In 1943, a book called "There is a River" was published about his life story which has yet to go out of print. Other books followed about his medical insights and life teachings and, to date, well over 400 of them have been published in the United States alone. Of those 400, at least 50 of them have been written by MD's and Ph.D.'s.

In a recent conversation with a representative from the Edgar Cayce Foundation located in Virginia Beach, Virginia (Association for Research and Enlightenment), she kindly shared some very interesting statistics with me. The readings have now been entered into a computer and put on CD-ROM. They contain approximately 78 million words (or about the equivalent of 870 books you currently hold in your hands). It takes 12 cases of Xerox paper to print out the entire set of readings, about 140,000 pages in all. If they were stacked on top of one another, the pile would reach about 40 feet high. Laid end to end, the paper trail would go on for approximately 19 miles!

In 1979, a Dr. John Callan wrote in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association that Edgar Cayce might well be the father of Holistic medicine. This popular form of medical treatment goes well beyond the normal methods of health care, which put most of the focus on treating the disease. Holistic healing takes into consideration the mind, body and spirit of the patient… in other words the "whole" individual and is the same general approach used by Edgar Cayce. This particular health movement is gaining considerable momentum at this point in time as many physicians, health care facilities and their patients choose this alternate approach to traditional medicine.

In addition to his health related readings, Cayce's predictions of future events have also established a high degree of accuracy, which is difficult to ignore. Was he a mad man, a quack, a charlatan? I hardly believe so. Even though his readings were not totally accurate, the vast majority of them were. As a result, I take him quite seriously and give serious consideration to what he has to say. Millions of people do.

And I also pay attention to what he had to say about the origins of man. He was not the first in history to receive divinely inspired guidance or channeled  messages from the spirit world. The list of mystics, saints and ordinary people who fit into this category is quite large. We just need to be careful about the intent of any individual or group who claims to receive this kind of information.

The filter I use is that, at the very least, there has to be a consistent theme of love to them, honor and respect must be shown for our free will and there should be no hint or form of control or negative energy involved. In addition, final decisions about their purpose should be our own and they must not say that their message is the only way to knowledge and wisdom. Finally, the person, the "source" of the information and the communication itself has to "feel" right. The heart can advise us well here. At that point, I take it in with an open mind and draw my own conclusions about their content, meaning and intent. Edgar Cayce meets all of my criteria and more.  

-The Origins Of Man-

What also makes Edgar Cayce an interesting study is that he was a devout Christian, who not only taught Sunday school, but also read the entire bible, cover to cover, once each year for every year of his life. His description of Creation and Genesis, obtained while in trance, is quite different and far more complex than that found in this same bible.

In general, his readings teach that, as spirits, some of us came to planet Earth 10.5 million years ago. These adventuresome souls not only played at creating various life-forms but also "projected" themselves into the many creatures that were already evolving at that time. Over the ages, these same spirits were seduced by the physical world. Slowly but surely, they identified more and more with the various life-forms that existed. In the process, they lost their balance and found themselves behaving more physical than spiritual as a result of it. Instead of learning from the material world, they became trapped in it. Eventually, they forgot their God-consciousness. This has been referred to as the "Fall."

At this point, dates become unclear because the next period of time that Cayce refers to is estimated to be 200,000 B.C., the early period of Atlantis. As a result, there is a big gap in history missing that stretches from 10.5 million to approximately 200,000 years ago.

It is presumed that, during this break in human history, the souls who had lost their way continued to be trapped in the earth plane. Cayce referred to them as "The Sons of Man." Other spirits not caught up in the Earth's material grip decided to aid these lost souls who no longer remembered their true identity and had forgotten their sense of God. This second group of souls, called "The Sons of God," were brought to the Earth by Jesus (Amilius), perhaps as many as 1 million years ago, in order to lead the lost ones back to an awareness of their Creator.

In order to accomplish their mission, the Sons of God realized that an appropriate body, with a suitable level of consciousness and intelligence, would be needed to serve as a physical "vehicle" that could be occupied by the lost souls. Then through spiritual growth, karma and reincarnation over many lifetimes, they could eventually free themselves through free will choices to be the spirit beings they really are. In the end, the soul would have many opportunities to balance the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of being human, at which point it would no longer be necessary to occupy a physical body for another lifetime. As a part of the plan to develop a suitable physical body for the lost souls, the five races of "man" were brought forth simultaneously and at different locations on our planet. During Cayce's trance, the questions and answers regarding the five races went as follows:

Q. Did the appearance of what became the five
     races occur simultaneously?

A. Occurred at once.

Q. Are the places designated for the beginning of
     the five races correct?

A. As we find, those in the Gobi, the yellow; the
     white in
the Carpathians, the red in the
     Atlantean and the American; the brown in the
     Andean; the black in the plain and the Sudan in
     the African. (364-13)

The readings suggest that the "five races" were pre-human creatures who evolved into the modern version of man we are familiar with today. As an interesting aside, a recent article in Nature describes the discovery of an ancient primate in Thailand and indicates that humanity’s closest cousins developed in several different places at once. This discovery also adds further strength to the growing argument that humans evolved in several different places at the same time rather than in Africa alone.

Just how long it took for the five races to mature and develop is unknown. Cayce also said that the these versions of "pre-man" existed on our planet before "Adam" first appeared some 200,000 years ago… in Atlantis. And it was through this Adam that Jesus first manifested in physical form.

The eyebrows rise even higher with the Edgar Cayce information when we look at more of the 650 or so life readings he gave for Atlantis as well as a few touching on Lemuria. 

Let’s start with Lemuria, a large continent that Cayce said existed before Atlantis, perhaps as many as 300,000 to 1 million years ago. It was located in the general area of Southern California and the pacific coast of South America, from which it extended westward into the Pacific Ocean. Over time, Lemuria became inhabited by many creatures including "pre-man" whose culture eventually reached a point of development comparable to the stone age. At some point before the emergence of Atlantis, the pacific continent of Lemuria was destroyed in a series of earthly cataclysms.

The description of man’s emergence on Earth continues when, some 200,000 years ago, the spirit forms in Atlantis gradually became full-time material beings and established a culture there. Edgar Cayce described this land mass and its location as follows:

"The position… the continent of Atlantis occupied is between the Gulf of Mexico on the one hand and the Mediterranean upon the other. Evidences of this lost civilization are to be found in the Pyrenees and Morocco, British Honduras, Yucatan and America. There are some protruding portions… that must have at one time or another been a portion of this great continent. The British West Indies, or the Bahamas, are a portion of same that may be seen in the present. If the geological survey would be made in some of these especially, or notably in Bimini and in the Gulf Stream through this vicinity, these may be even yet determined." (364-3)

Cayce’s description of Atlantis, being situated at one time in the Atlantic Ocean, is interesting because it is similar to the general location given for it by others in our historical past. In addition, there are a number of myths and folklore descriptions found in the ancient cultures of North, Central and South America which also refer to an "island" that used to exist to the south or east of their lands, presumably in the Atlantic.

When one considers the evidence, and there is a lot available to think about, all fingers point to an island continent that was located in the Atlantic during ancient times. Exactly where, and how far east and south it may have extended, is still debatable.

Edgar Cayce’s description of early life in Atlantis indicates that spirit beings continued to "project’ themselves into existing life-forms, especially those of evolving human-like creatures, in order to get closer to and experience the material world through the five senses. The longer these wayward spirits stayed in flesh form over the ages, the more difficult it became to move in and out of the material bodies they occupied. Eventually, these souls identified too closely with the bodies they shared and found themselves trapped in the cycle of birth and death. At that point, they were subject to the physical laws of the universe, which includes the "wheel" of karma and reincarnation.

Who were the human-like creatures these spirits projected into? Were they one of mankind’s close pre-human cousins that appeared simultaneously as the five different races? Is it possible that they were the early human versions of the red race that Cayce said originated in Atlantis? Since he was never asked these questions while in trance, we have no direct answers for them at this moment in time.

Other things were also happening during the beginning of Atlantean times, part of which dealt with sexuality and the path our male and female identities appear to take, when switching from the spirit realms to the physical world. In a reading he gave for one individual, Cayce said:

"In Atlantean land in those periods before Adam was in the earth among those who were then thought projections and the physical being had the union of sex in one body…" (5056-1)

I find this interesting because it implies that by having "the union of sex in one body" the spirit beings were probably androgynous while in their earlier non-physical form. This is not new. A number of Eastern mystical teachings also point to our male and female oneness, or combined sexuality, while we inhabit our natural form… the spirit body. Evidently, during the early stages of material existence for those beings in Atlantis, it remained that way. However, this must have changed over time because, in other readings, Cayce visits the subject of sexuality again, but this time the female and male portions have ruptured and split as a result of remaining in a physical body:

"in Atlantean land when there were the separation of bodies as male and female." (2121-2),

"in Atlantean land when there was the first division of sexes among first offspring of such division, first of princesses of that period." (2753-2)

These readings also suggest that part of the price to be paid for taking on a physical body is a division of sexuality. If such is the case, is this when the split between twin souls or soul mates began or did the separation take place at an earlier time? We’ll explore this in more detail later on.

The division in sexuality at the physical body level also had its problems. Over time many, but not all of the Sons of God who came to the aid of the lost souls, lost sight of their spiritual origins and values. The physical world had cast its intoxicating spell once again. What was their undoing while in physical form? It was an involvement with sex. With whom?... the "daughters of men" who were part of the group that had fallen into materialism. Cayce had this to say:

"In Atlantean land when there were those disturbing forces - or just previous to the first disturbing forces that brought the first destruction in the continent… These were the periods termed in scripture when, ‘the sons of God looked upon the daughters of men and saw them as fair.’"  

As mentioned, the lost souls referred to as the Sons of Man were still loved by the Sons of God, who were forced to take on a material form in order to help their lost friends. As a result, a mixed population of humans, with two distinctly different mindsets, evolved over the ages in Atlantis. One group was caught up in the delights of materialism, selfish desires and showed little respect for the environment. The other group was spiritually oriented with just the opposite motives. Does this sound familiar?

When we look out at the world today, it is becoming quite clear that two distinct groups are also forming and the "tape" is playing over again. This is not surprising. Not only do individuals have karma and many lives, but so do groups of people, as well as whole civilizations. According to Cayce, many of the individuals who were Atlanteans are here again today… with yet another opportunity to make higher and wiser choices.

Let’s pause here for a moment. For some not familiar with the content and messages of Edgar Cayce, you might be saying something like "This is a getting too far out for me!" I can understand that. But consider the following exchange with Edgar Cayce while he was in trance:

Describe the earth’s surface at the period of
        the appearance of the five projections (the
        five races of early man)."

A.6 "This has been given. In the first, or that
        known as the beginning, or in the Caucasian
        and Carpathian, or the Garden of Eden, in
        that land which lies now much in the desert,
        yet much in mountain and much in the
        rolling lands there. The extreme northern
        portions were then the southern portions,
        or the polar regions were then turned to
        where they occupied more of the tropical
        and semi-tropical regions; hence it would be
        hard to describe the change. The Nile
        entered into the Atlantic
 Ocean…" (364-13)

There’s a lot going on here but, please, if you will, focus in on the last sentence where Cayce tells us the Nile River once flowed into the Atlantic Ocean. Today, the Nile is the longest river in the world, stretching 4000 miles or so along its length. It flows northward from the bottom of Africa to a point where it passes through Egypt and then empties its contents into the Mediterranean Sea. Thus, this magnificent river flows from south to north along the eastern part of Africa and doesn’t even come close to the Atlantic Ocean.

When Edgar Cayce made his statement about the Nile in 1932, it was still flowing northward into the Mediterranean exactly as it had done for thousands of years. No doubt many skeptics familiar with this reading had a field day with his description… but they stopped laughing in 1986. During that year, a review article was published in the August 29th issue of Science, which tells a different story about the Nile during ancient times… millions of years ago.

That article described the research of John McCauley and his co-workers at the U.S. Geological Survey, who studied pictures of the African terrain taken by our Shuttle spaceship. The Shuttle used a special kind of radar that not only provided images of the Earth’s surface, but it could also penetrate into the ground and expose clues that had been buried beneath the exterior of our planet for ages. What they discovered was amazing. After analyzing the data, these scientists proposed that a river of monstrous proportions once flowed across Africa from its upper northeast area near the Red Sea region and then over to the Atlantic Ocean…across the path of today’s Nile.

Furthermore, six million years ago, the Mediterranean Sea had dried up and the Nile River, which was in its early stages of formation, flowed southward at that time… the opposite of its current direction. Eventually, it contacted the headwaters of the mighty river that once dumped its contents into the Atlantic. In the process, their waters mixed for a time and, it is quite likely, that during this period of intimacy, the Nile ultimately flowed into the Atlantic. At some point in the future, the magnificent river that once crossed Africa dried up. With time and the influence of many earth changes, the Nile eventually reversed course and began flowing towards the Mediterranean, as it does today.