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Is The World Going Crazy? 

take heart,
there is reason for hope...


"Do not focus on the world that is polarizing toward selfishness and fear. Do not pay attention to the old that is crumbling around you. What has been shall be no more."

The Starseed Transmissions
Through Ken Carey
Late 1970's




The more we look at what is going on in the world today, the more we can say with increasing certainty that something big, something different and something unprecedented is happening. There is a part of us deep inside that "knows" of such things and it seems to be whispering that humanity's supreme moment is upon us.

Can there be any doubt that the winds of change are blowing and that the pace is intensifying and accelerating right before our very eyes? Perhaps you find yourself asking "What is going on in the world, what's wrong with it, has it lost its way, why does it feel so strange?" Don't feel alone. Many are wondering the same things. And there is good reason for it.

I believe there are few people today who would argue with the observation that we have been living, and continue to live, on a planet that is driven primarily by fear. Looking back into our distant past, we can see that it has been that way for thousands of years. That aggression has been a way of life with our ancestors, is without question. It goes hand in hand with trying to survive in the material world and its influence lingers on in our genes this very day. That's what happens when ego dominates our thinking. 

Untold wars, greed, the suppression of the poor and weak, deception by our world political and religious leaders, hatred, racial biases, materialistic self-gratification and over-indulgences, the destruction of our planet to feed our greed, the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, the social injustice all over the planet because of it... even western religions, with their twisted concepts of the devil and hell have resulted in dogmas and a way of life that that are rooted in fear. All of it is about control. It's coming to an end and the forces of darkness know it.

I believe that, aeons and aeons ago, spirits of the human soul family came to this planet, acting on God's behalf, to blend Spirit with matter, thus making planet Earth a truly scared place in our universe for others to visit and appreciate. Somehow, many of us lost our God-centeredness, succumbed to the influences of the material world and we have been under its spell ever since. 

At some point, off-planet forces of darkness encouraged a way of life that would be grounded in excessive ego and fear. The influence of the dark forces continues through today. But, we have not been left alone through those times. And we are finally awakening from our material slumber. We are beginning to remember who we really are and why we came here.

More and more, we are finding evidence of advanced civilizations buried deep within our ancient past, and the very real possibility that, at times, both the dark and Light forces of the universe have influenced our destiny. Today, the majority of people believe there is life elsewhere among the stars. This kind of thinking is slowly but surely changing the way we view ourselves as a cosmic family and how we might fit into a universe teeming with intelligent life beyond our own. At the same time, we are being swayed and nurtured by cosmic cycles, which remind us that there are seasons and ages within the cosmos that bring constant change.

Today, we find ourselves shifting from the Age of Pisces, which has lasted some 2,160 years, to that of Aquarius, whose birth is taking place as you read these words. In other words, we are in an astrological twilight zone where one age is overlapping with another, where one age is dying and another is being born, where the old and the new will exist side by side for a short period of time. For a while, it will feel as though we are being pulled in different directions and that our world is strange and confusing. However, with time, the influence of Aquarius will be felt more and more and it will have a profound impact on our future destiny.  

During the past 30 years, an incredible wave of spiritual knowledge has washed over this planet. With it came channeled New Age wisdom, Native American teachings, Far Eastern ancient insights, UFO sightings, crop circles and other mind expanding happenings. The spectacular explosion of the information age has combined to awaken the consciousness of humanity and raise its collective awareness in ways never thought possible. And the forces of darkness on this planet were not prepared for such a swift and decisive combination of events. 

We are leaving an age of fear and giving birth to an age of love and peace, two very big extremes. Because of it, there is a sweeping change taking place on this planet today that is affecting everyone as the final moments of Pisces fade into the past. We are witnessing an incredible event in which all that is based upon fear is crumbling before our very eyes and its demise will bring all of our insecurities to the surface. All that is based upon love will flourish and this new energy will replace any ego-based motives or intentions that we might have. This shift is inevitable and irreversible. There will be those that try to resist its influence. However, no one will be spared the sweeping changes that go with it.

As with any birth, the Age of Aquarius will come with some pain before the joy and ecstasy sets in. We are leaving the dream of fear, survival and rampant materialism behind and entering a period of unconditional love, a spirit of sharing and unification among all people, and a sacred respect for all living things. 

As one might imagine, there will be chaos in the twilight zone of this Pisces-Aquarius, fear-love mixture. It will last for a while, it will continue to intensify, and it will seem as if the world has truly gone mad. That's what happens when those who control by fear lose their grip on us. That's what happens when millions and millions of suppressed souls awaken to their true spiritual nature and say, "no more!" 

The forces of darkness were not prepared for the massive spiritual uprising that is currently manifesting on this planet. They also realize it will be their undoing. That is why they are trying everything possible to stop it at his point in time. In the process, they are becoming more desperate and more obvious in trying to protect the status quo that keeps them in power. Often they play to our fears, hoping we will want to keep things just the way they are. Unfortunately for them, many of us want change and spiritual awakening for this planet. These two forces, are now confronting one another, head on.  

Who are "they," the dark forces of this planet? They are the super rich, the super elite, the super powerful corporate leaders on this planet who have held us in their grip of fear and control for thousands of years. They have been referred to as the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, Big Brother, etc... and their members are well known. At their core, is oil and all that derives from it such as international banking and the enormous power that comes from wealth. They also control the media and, in doing so, influence what your mind thinks and believes to be true. Their intent and actions are becoming more and more obvious with each passing day.    

Deception has become a perfected art and a global pastime with them. A good example of how they have influenced past thinking is that many of us ended up believing Native Americans were the "bad guys" and we were the "good guys" after those seeking control took their land and culture away from them. 

Then we forced these true Americans to believe in our white-man religion, convincing them that they were nothing more than savages who must be saved from themselves. Finally, they were forced to live and survive on decrepit reservations, with their dignity and self-esteem were destroyed. Then, the disheartened remnants of these once proud people were given lots of alcohol and cigarettes to keep them pacified. 

I was no different for the black people who were exploited as slaves to help the rich become wealthier and more powerful. A massive injustice has been done to these human beings, who are as equal in the eyes of God as you and I are. I would not want to be carrying that karma.  

Another good example is that the super rich have started many wars, in which innocent young men have given their lives over the ages. And they did so believing it was for an honorable cause. Those in real power invented reasons for us to believe in and fight for. Then,  they influenced public opinion to the point where we blindly rallied to their cause. Vietnam began to change all of this, but not without the death and maiming of many fine young men whom have since been forgotten. 

Why did the super rich start these wars, as they have been doing for thousands of years? It serves to separate humanity so that we won't join forces and rebel against those in power. War also makes them far wealthier than peace does. How? The super rich/super elite control many of our political and religious leaders. They also control the banks that lend the governments and their leaders the money they need to play their games of war and control.

Today, the super elite and their allies, are becoming more desperate and more obvious in trying to convert our planet to a One World Order. The evidence is all around us. Examples are folding the military under the flag of the United Nations for seemingly good causes, mergers and the formation of giant companies, especially oil, banking and the media, the creation of the Euro currency for all of Europe, free trade, the almost complete conversion to a cashless society, and so on are all the dots we can connect to say "Hey, what's going on here, this doesn't feel right!" 

Thankfully, there is an unseen force of Light infiltrating this planet that is bringing us together as a human family, as it should be. It is these two opposing energies and influences that are at the heart of today's seeming madness. 

Haven't we blindly followed our selfish leaders for too long? History says most have done nothing but take advantage of their power over us. When will we have enough of this? Do we really need kings and queens lording over tax paying subjects these days? 

We must realize that we have given them too much power. Collectively, we have the power and they know that. That's why those in control promote separation in so many different ways on this planet. They pit white against black, rich against poor, culture against culture, religion against religion, nation against nation and so on. It's a time-honored trick that has been used throughout the ages to prevent us from uniting as one family. 

Clearly, it's time for change. Those in control know that the coming changes will wipe the slate clean and they sense they are powerless to stop it. That is making them desperate and, with every passing day, they are becoming more and more obvious in trying to stop that change.     

Aquarius is the Water Bearer. And it has been pouring spiritual knowledge and universal truths all over this planet for the past 30 years. It's cosmic influence will usher in an age of peace, harmony, reform, freedom, healing, unification and, most importantly, unconditional love, all of which is beginning to displace the forces of control. Aquarius will not tolerate deception, all will be exposed, nothing will be hidden, and we can already see that the truth behind the lies is emerging with more and more force. 

The essence of Aquarius will destroy both political and religious, fear-based doctrines and dogmas of the past. In its place, we will discover our true cosmic heritage, our spiritual nature, that God is within and we don't need others to make that divine connection for us.

Aquarius will push us beyond blind faith and expose us to universal truths, which will guide our hearts and souls through the New Age. Aquarius also signifies a return to nature and a time to end the carnage of Mother Earth in order to feed our greed for materialistic pleasures and comforts. Our Mother is severely wounded and we must heal her before it is too late. 

As you may now realize, there are two forces crashing head to head with one another at this point in time; the spiritual forces of Love and Light and the material forces of darkness and control. At stake is human destiny. All of it is sandwiched between an age of fear that is dying and a New Age of Love that is birthing. This is the root cause of all the madness that swirls around us more and more each day, making it appear as if the world is going crazy. I assure you it is not. There is divine perfection in it all. The forces of Love and Light will prevail and Aquarius will indeed be a time of peace and harmony.

Also, be mindful, but not fearful, of other changes taking place on our planet that are related to this unique moment in human history. Erratic weather patterns, Aids, other plagues, droughts, the melting ice caps, the rising sea levels, earthquakes, volcanoes, cataclysmic flooding, famine and the like mirror the combined thinking and emotions of the human family. 

This "collective consciousness," the sum total of how all of us think and feel, is the most powerful energy driving the direction of human destiny and its eventual outcome. It reflects and affects all that is happening on this planet today. Said another way, suppose all of us thought and acted like Christ, Buddha, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Martin Luther King and other similar spirits. Would this planet be acting the way it is? Would it seem like it is going crazy?

What should you do in the interim, while all the madness intensifies over the next 10 years or so? As you awaken spiritually, you will discover that there is a sacred place inside each of us called a "God-Spot." It's a space where you will find your inner peace and your inner strength. It's a place where you feel secure and comforted by the love of your Source, knowing that all is well and that nothing is bigger and stronger than your Oneness with Spirit. 

Each of us has our own ways of finding that spot and grounding ourselves within its magical influence. Meditation, music, walks along a stream, being with like-minded souls, avoiding negative influences and energy, yoga, healthy foods, reading your spiritual books, communing with your guides, listening for messages from the spirit world that are constantly sent to us, the love and support of a spiritual mate, and so on are just some of the things you can do to stay in your Spirit-Spot. Perhaps you will discover, as I have, that when I drift from that sacred place, things don't feel right, nothing seems to work and the world seems as if it is going crazy. When I stay in my spot, all feels well. 


"Most humans are living lives of quiet and not-so-quiet desperation. They are frightened and confused. That which they have come to rely on is crumbling. Their world is changing so rapidly that it is becoming impossible for them to pinpoint areas of security." 

Arcturian Songs of the Masters of Light
Patricia L. Pereira