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The Calling


"Many have called out in prayer for answers and insights into the experience of transformation that has become a fact of life in these times. Many have undergone radical changes that have shaken their world to its core. These teachings have been provided, as an outstretched hand, to those in the throes of that transition. For, as you will come to understand, you are, most assuredly, not alone."

The Calling
Amitabh through Rasha. 

I recently read an incredible book called, The Calling. It has a deceptively simple title, but a very profound message that is based upon channeled wisdom brought through Rasha from a collective, loving consciousness called "Amitabh." The Amitabh energy is The Father Consciousness whose information is Divine Guidance from an aspect of God  

The message in The Calling has all the right "feel" for me. My heart says this is truth, and it is the only book I've dedicated a whole page to in this web site. It affected me that profoundly. It was as though this book were written for me and came into my life just at the right moment. I know there are many others out there experiencing profound spiritual awakening and inner transformation who might feel the same way if they read this book.    

The Calling's theme is very timely, but it is not for everyone. If you are reading these words, there's a good chance you will respond to its energy and content. If some of the insights in this book, which are shared below, touch a deep part of your soul, I highly recommend you read more of the powerful wisdom and truth found in this book. One does not read The Calling like a novel. Rather, it should be savored phrase by phrase because its message is that rich and compelling. And you may do so, over and over again, if you find you are ready for its message and the challenges all of us will soon be experiencing.  

We live in very interesting times. The past 40 years on this planet have been no accident. Evidence of change is everywhere and spiritual wisdom is being given to us in so many different ways. 

The energy driving this change is becoming more intense with each passing day. At the same time the outer and inner worlds of many individuals are going through profound upheaval as they begin to awaken from the slumber of the material world and discover their true spiritual nature. For them, an old way of life is dying while a new one is dawning. And it is having a monumental impact upon their lives. 

Many who have experienced personal transformation often find themselves caught in the twilight zone between the old and the new and have prayed for understanding. The Calling will give you the explanations you've been looking for.    

The theme of the book goes on to say that, over the ages, we have lived many lives here on planet Earth. Throughout that time we were never left alone. Teachings were always made available to us that came from the world of Spirit. All of them gently beckoned us to love and forgive one another, to take personal responsibility for our choices, to connect to the divine within and begin the journey home to our Source. 

These teachings, and the messengers that brought them to us throughout human history, have affected some more than others. Many have yet to respond. Those who have made considerable progress in their spiritual growth over the ages are now ready for the full impact of The Calling

Others may choose to ignore its profound invitation out of fear because they are not yet ready for the personal challenge that goes with it. Others respond half heartedly...

"It is a choice that relatively few are given in these times. For most are not sufficiently developed as spiritual beings to undertake the challenge that such a step would require. For these ones, who constitute the masses now incarnate upon the earth plane, 'the calling,' which is ever present, is inaudible. Yet, it re-echoes clearly in the hearts of others, who have responded to its cry instantly, in joyous, undeniable recognition of the elusive "something that was missing" all their lives. For most, however, the experience is neither black or white. But hovers somewhere between the heart and the mind, between instinct and intellect, between the certainty of life as it is now known and a great, bright trail-without-end that is conspicuously without signposts. And great battles ensue within these ones, as the agonizing process of 'becoming' one who has recognized 'the calling' begins.

It is somewhere within this nether world, which lies between accepted consensus reality and true spiritual reality, that most who read these words now find themselves."     

The book goes on to say that we are experiencing the culmination of many lifetimes and cosmic cycles, and that all the change that is happening now will continue to intensify towards a moment of  climax. At that point (2012?) a fork will exist in the road. Those who have heard the calling will go down one path to a higher realm of vibration. Those who do not respond to the calling and the opportunity it presents, will journey down another road and remain in the 3-rd dimension. These souls will be cared for as they continue to learn and grow in the ways of love until another opportunity to respond presents itself during another Age. 

Others have also given us the same general message, including the Hopi and the Mayans. What makes this book different is that it tells us why we are sensitive to the calling, why our response is so important during this lifetime, why this is THE lifetime, what challenges we face, why we might be confused and depressed during the process of awakening, and what we can soon expect because of it.

Here are some passages from the book to give you a feel for its message...

"You are about to embark upon a journey from which there is no return. For once you have heard and recognized the inner 'calling'... the voice of silent knowingness that comes from the depths of one's own being... and once you have chosen to honor that recognition of Divine truth and direct your life to follow it, your life will never be the same."

"This is an oftentimes frightening prospect for many who have heard 'the calling.'... and how much of the stake in the material world will have to be relinquished in order to follow a life path that is decidedly spiritual in focus; what others might think if they do... and what they themselves will think, in retrospect, if they do not."

"The question arises frequently as to why, suddenly, life seems to have taken a radical turn in a direction that is, quite often, unexpected. Individuals leading what could be considered to be quite 'normal' lives suddenly encounter a teacher, a book, or a life-altering event  of an experiential nature wherein a thought is re-awakened that had been waiting patiently, dormantly, for its appointed moment... Ultimately it is not possible to continue living as one had been."

"It is this renewed sense of connectedness with one's own Divinity, and one's personal connection with the Creator, that provides the momentum for the grueling process of transformation so many are undergoing in these times. Once the connection is re-established in one's conscious awareness, the process becomes that of weeding out and releasing the programmed conditioning that would have you deny the truth of that connectedness."

"Profound doubts, depression, a sense of loss of orientation, rootlessness, the devoidance of material evidences of security, rifts with close family and former friends, the sense of being in living limbo, waiting for a sign... are all the classic signposts on the path of those destined for spiritual transformation in this timeframe."

"You see, these times are an opportunity for all... not just for ones currently incarnate. As Earth's history writes its consummate chapter, all the actors who have performed their roles here have been given their moment for a final appearance..."

"The presence of UFO activity in some areas is so intense as to be considered commonplace in these regions of the world... What is not known is the proportion of these extraterrestrial presences that are representative of self-serving, power-seeking regimes waiting to pounce. And the proportion that represents the interests  of the Creator and the Divine Plan intended for this planet, who hover patiently and await their moment to come to her defense. This aspect of the drama will soon begin to unfold."

"And this would explain the sense of 'disconnectedness' that so many are experiencing and have consciously identified. Something is changing. YOU are changing."

"Out of phase with the rest of the world. Out of touch with reality... at least with reality as it is accepted by consensus, material-based perspective. You have ceased to find meaning in your work; ceased to find meaning in the external expression of 'who you are'; ceased to find meaning in close relationships of the past; ceased to find meaning in any readily identifiable future... Your mind is spinning like a compass devoid of magnetic north."

"Trust that the way will be clear when you have reached and become at peace with the knowingness within that place. For it is The Source. And holds answers to questions you do not yet know to ask. Answers that will become common knowledge in the times ahead. And will form the foundation for the 'consensus reality' of the Great Spiritual Civilization to come."

"In the present period, those destined to participate at the highest levels of Light work are experiencing a disconnection from their previous life scripts. In some cases, resistance to one's predetermined life direction was so strong as to necessitate that radical measures be taken. Such measures would ensure that particular individuals, rooted so deeply in material-plane orientation, would be freed of those constraints and be able to take up the task for which they have prepared at a higher level. These ones have found that virtually all avenues for continuation in the directions in which  they believed themselves to be headed have been closed to them."

"Once you have dedicated yourself totally to a spiritually focused life direction and relinquished all resistance, doubts, fears, and hesitations, you will be ready to experience the depth of soul enrichment, in the form  of life drama, that will serve to heighten and summarize all that preceded it."

"The inner-knowingness you are in the process of cultivating and strengthening now, will become the foundation upon which the entire future of your involvement will be built... Make certain you have constructed it on firm ground that is free and clear of encumbrances and debris from a reality that will have become obsolete."

"There are many in these times who are inclined to dismiss the information about the seriousness of the times to come... the purging that is inevitable... And that cleansing the planet of its physical and karmic filth is not a negative but rather a positive."

"Know that this is not the first time in the history of your planet that such a purging has taken place. It is, from a more timeless perspective, a regular occurrence that reflects the conditions of the times and the consciousness  of the incarnate souls in question. In these times, the challenge is to transform the planet into a place befitting a Spiritual Civilization."

"And though the purification process necessary to bring about that result will produce trials for those destined to live through those transitions, know that the outcome projected is very positive indeed."

As mentioned earlier, the message within The Calling has an energy that will only appeal to those who have reached a certain stage of spiritual awakening, even though you may still find yourself struggling to let go of an old way of life while a new one dawns for you. It will also vibrate well in the heart of those who have gone through radical life change and now find themselves further down the path of inner transformation.

I truly hope you are one of those souls or will become one soon. From all that I read, the fork in the road of human destiny is imminent and I am taking it quite seriously. None of what I say can be proven. It can only be felt. Everything I feel at this moment tells me something big is upon us. If I'm wrong, what has been lost? The only thing that really matters for all of us is ongoing spiritual growth, expanded awareness of Self and a return to our beloved Source. 

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