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"My Father's house
has many mansions"

~ Jesus  


All of us are familiar with 3-dimensional reality. It's the space all around us in which we can perceive things in 3 different directions... height, width and depth. It's also a place where our 5 senses allow us to experience and feel the everyday world we live in. And how we feel affects our vibrations. 

If we had more than five senses, we could experience more than the 3 dimensions of reality. For example, those people whose sixth (psychic) sense is more developed than ours are able to experience things beyond the 3-dimensional space our 5 senses currently limit us to. 

Is it possible that there are other realities we aren't aware of? Today scientists seriously talk about things such as dimensions, multi-dimensions, parallel universes and multi-verses, which were considered nothing more than fairy tales not too long ago. 

But a teacher who walked this planet 2000 years ago really knew what he was talking about when he said his Father's house had of many mansions. Said another way, within all that God has created, there are many realms or dimensions for us to dwell in and experience. Two thousand years ago Jesus used the word "mansions" so that people could better understand his teachings and analogies. Today he would probably use the word "realms" or "dimensions" because we're ready to understand what that concept means.

Everything that exists is a form of energy. That includes you, your thoughts, your feelings and all the physical things around you. Everything that is energy vibrates, including you, all the time. Your vibrations change depending upon what you experience and how you feel about it. When you experience sadness, your vibrations slow down. When you belly laugh and experience happiness, your vibrations speed up. And so on. 

Today there are many spiritual teachings available that refer to a shift from the 3rd to the 4th and then into the 5th dimension. This shift is all about energy, vibration, and consciousness... yours and Mother Earth's. If you are reading these pages, you probably realize that over the past 40 years or so there has been an increasing amount of New Age, spiritual and metaphysical wisdom that has been waved over this planet for all who are ready to respond to its calling

Within the New Age/spiritual books I've read, there is a common theme that runs through many of them regarding the shift to 4th dimensional reality and, thereafter, to the 5th dimension. It says that cosmic cycles big and small are now completing for us, that planet Earth is entering a region in space where the vibrational energy is increasing dramatically and that we humans and our planet are being affected by this elevation in cosmic energy. And, although these are the destined times of opportunity for all to take advantage of, some will respond to and expand with this new energy in a positive way and some will not. 

Hand in hand with this new wave of elevated energy, divinely inspired teachings have been sent to provide us with alternate truths and insights to consider. But not all have responded to their message. For those who have responded to the divine invitation that has recently been given us, their consciousness and awareness has expanded and their vibrations are increasing faster than those of 3-dimensional reality. Those who have not responded continue to be mired down with the heaviness of 3-dimensional reality along with its ego-fear-based beliefs and its lower level of vibration. 

Is it possible that all of this is happening now? Is there a measure we can use to show that we have started shifting from the 3rd dimension into the 4th? Just exactly what is the shifting experience? How do I know whether I'm shifting? What are the symptoms? Here are some thoughts to consider if you suspect you are going through the process of inner, personal transformation and are experiencing a dramatic shift in vibration and awareness because of it...

As an analogy, think of the 3rd and 4th dimensions as being two boxes or two different spaces separate from one another.

Shifting from the 3rd to the 4th dimension is like moving out of space "a" and moving into space "b," as if you are leaving one room and entering another.

It feels as if the "old self" you once were has passed on and its remnants belong to the 3-dimensional space you formally occupied. 

Today, through spiritual awakening, inner change and personal transformation, the new "you" (the real you), and your ever expanding consciousness, are moving into a higher energy or reality... the 4th dimension. 

And here is the big eureka. Even though you find yourself shifting into a different space, your body and your expanding awareness are still existing side by side with the old reality. And you are aware of both simultaneously!

Thus, as you walk down the street, you are able to sense the old reality you once occupied. You are aware of the people who are still in it. You may even interact with them, but you no longer feel attached to or associated with that space or energy anymore. On the contrary you feel quite detached from it even though you currently find yourself in it.

It's as though two different belief systems exist side by side, each with its own energy. And today you can sense that your new energy is different than theirs. 

In other words, you feel that you are in the world, but not of it.

Interestingly, you are aware that two different realities exist (the 3rd and the 4th), but those still in the 3rd cannot sense, appreciate, understand or relate to the new reality you have shifted into. 

The rate of your vibrations will determine how much your focus has shifted from your old, 3-dimensional world into the new 4th dimensional reality that is emerging for you. 

Many factors will affect your rate of vibration. These include the speed and degree of your spiritual awakening, the food you eat, the time you spend in meditation, the amount of effort you use to serve humanity, how much you develop your mind-body-soul complex, your thoughts, the love you bring to others, the steps you take to avoid sources of negative energy, and so on.  

All of these actions affect your energy and consciousness (mind), which in turn affects your awareness and focus, how you view and experience the world and how you feel about it. The sum total  of all of these reactions affects your vibration in one way or another. 

The faster you vibrate the faster is your exit from 3-dimensioanl reality into the 4th. Thus, depending on the individual and his or her circumstances, there can be degrees of how much of a part of you has shifted from the 3rd into the 4th dimension.

Shifting to the 4th dimension, at least for now, is not disappearing from the space around you in a poof of smoke and reappearing in a new world. Rather, it is a shift in consciousness, or a shift in your state of mind, wherein you realize that you have moved into a space (4th dimension) that is separate from, but exists simultaneous with, the old world in which you once existed (3rd dimension). 

There are many symptoms that result when you begin to shift from the 3rd to the 4th dimension. I suspect the biggest one has to do with how much your awareness has been affected, what your focus (material versus spiritual) is and how your view of reality has changed.

Finally, I'm convinced that in order to experience and feel the effects of this shift in your state of mind, we have to reach a certain degree of detachment from those things that keep us anchored to the 3-rd dimension. This usually requires a radical spiritual awakening and a severe dissection out of one's previous life script in order to jump start the shifting process.     

Ten years ago, during the summer of 1991, I experienced a radical spiritual awakening when my sister handed me a New Age book called "Seth Speaks." This was the first of hundreds I would eventually read. I didn't realize it then, but I was just entering the intense phase of what was to be a severe dark night of the soul crisis, which peaked towards the end of 1998. The combination of these two experiences was responsible for increasing my spiritual awareness and my vibrations dramatically. It was also towards the end of 1998 that I began to notice I was in the world, but not of it anymore. 

At some point it dawned upon me that I had somehow separated and detached from the old reality of false beliefs I used to be in and attached to. It was the strangest feeling. I can't tell you the moment it happened because it was more subtle that forceful. But it was, and still is, a very real feeling and perception. It's as though I had quietly, and without cosmic fanfare, shifted from one space/reality or state of mind to another and could sense both simultaneously.

I now realize that all of this is happening because we are reaching a moment of truth, a crossroads, here on planet Earth. There is no question that reality is changing rapidly and none of it is happening in a vacuum. 

The Mayans, The Hopis, and many others have said that these are the times of completion, cleansing and a separation of realities, as we head towards the year 2012

And the recent eureka I've had, in which I am able to sense two realities simultaneously, has truly taken hold of my attention. Why? Because it has validated much of what I've read. That these are the times when a window of opportunity exists for those who will shift from the 3rd to the 4th and then into the 5th dimension of reality, if they respond to the divine calling. Not only that, I know others who have had the same experience. Something big is indeed happening.

Before the fall of mankind we existed in spirit form. In order to experience the physicality of planet Earth, we had to slow down our vibrations dramatically and become flesh. Over the ages we lost our way. Today we find ourselves stuck in 3-dimensional reality. We can reverse that process by increasing our vibrations. 

We simply need to let go of our ego-based way of life and return to God-centeredness. The more we do, the more our vibrations will increase and the faster we will return to where we once were. On the way we'll pass into, and through, the 4th and 5th dimensions of reality. One of those windows of opportunity is happening now. I truly hope you are a part of it.